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Birthday Grams

Request a Singing Birthday Gram video from Austin Harmony Chorus!

We'll record a custom birthday gram for the recipient of your choice at one of our Monday night rehearsals. Delivery takes 1-2 weeks and the video will be sent to the email and phone number you provide.

Then, spread the love! We welcome you to share your custom recording on any social media or communication platforms!

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TeePublic Store

Show your support for Austin Harmony by sporting our logo!

We've opened an online TeePublic Store with a number of products with our logo on them. We would love to see you represent the wonderful ladies in our chorus wherever you happen to live!

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RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising

With hundreds of gift cards to choose from, it's easy to support us while doing your regular shopping!

Want to see which offers get the chorus the most money back? Sort the brands by Highest Earnings (upper right above the brands list).

Get those cards!

Follow these instructions to get your first EGift card now!

Hey, ya'll! Here is an EASY way to make donations to the chorus using RaiseRight! I purchased electronic "EGift" Cards to Belk, and the result is $60 going to the chorus!

Here's how: If you know you're about to place an order online for something at <Retailer of your choice>, then check RaiseRight to see if they have an EGift Card option.  If so - 

A.) Add your items for <Retailer of Choice> and place in their Shopping Cart. 

B.) Before checking out, purchase a close amount via the EGift Cards in RaiseRight 

C.) After purchasing, EGift cards are immediately available for use in RaiseRight's Wallet! No waiting on shipping! 

C.) Now to go the Retailer's cart, and check-out using your purchase E-GIFT Cards.

Voila! Donations are made to the Chorus!


Exact Instructions:

1.) Place items in Retailer's Shopping Cart to determine $ Amount needed; then Login to RaiseRight.

2.) Search for Card of your Choice (I chose BELK - which matches 10%; Bath & Body Works is at 19% for 4 more hours ...)

3.) Choose "E-GIFT" as your Card Type (NOT Physical Card!)

4.) Update your Amount, and purchase in RaiseRight using a Checking Account # or Debit Card (small fees involved). 

- You may have to make multiple purchases. (I bought 12 $50 Gift Cards.) 

5.) After purchasing in Raise Right, you will then see the E-Gift Cards available to use in your WALLET.

6.) Go back into your Retailer's Shopping Card, and go to CheckOut.

7.) Find the place to enter Gift Cards on the Retailer's Checkout Page. (Note - Belk limits me to 10 Gift Cards at a time, so check that out in the Retailer's Shopping Card.) 

8.) Open up Wallet, then open the Egift Card in RaiseRight, and copy the Gift Card # / Pin into the Retailer's Shopping Cart spot for Gift Card.

9.) Apply EGift Card(s) to your Retailer's Shopping Cart & checkout.

10.) In RaiseRight, "archive" the card(s) so you know it was used.


Was it tedious to paste in that many gift cards? Yes.

Was it an easy way to "donate" $60 to the chorus? YES!

Happy Online Shopping!

Get those cards!

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